“Thank you, Sara. You are such an amazing acting coach we are so thankful we found you.” – Marivel T.

“Thank you for being a champion of actors and for continuing to propel Houston theatre and film as both a coach and an actor!”

“You truly have inspired and helped me so much throughout my acting career and I cannot thank you enough.”

“I just wanted to let you know that the agency LOVED me and my audition. They officially signed me yesterday. Thanks so much for all your help!”

“THAT WAS SO EDIFYING THANK YOU, SARA! I always leave my coaching sessions with you pumped for what’s next.”

“I just wanted to reach out once again and thank you for the scholarship. That class was amazing and I met some incredible new actors! I definitely needed all of those lessons in auditioning.”

“Thanks again for all of your wealth of knowledge and advice! Seeing you follow your dream inspired me to continue to go for mine.  I feel blessed that we got a chance to connect.”

“Hey Sara,  I’m starting classes (at American Academy of Dramatic Arts) this week and I just wanted to thank you. Being able to be in an environment where I’m  the the youngest actor in the room, as well as learning from an actor with experience and great talent, it’s helped me get where I am today. I’m so grateful that I was able to have you as a teacher and look forward to dropping in a class when I visit.”

Not only do I read all of your e-mails and learn from them, they resulted in me getting TWO new jobs this year, one of which is turning into a REAL game-changer for me! So, thank you again! 

“Want to make an intro to Sara Gaston (whom you may already know). She’s an excellent actor, coach and can tape auditions. Let me just say – I have taped many auditions in many cities (and countries) and if anyone asks for a recco in Houston – there’s no one better. I have taped with 5 people here and it’s not close. Sara is an expert.”

“Sara, I don’t know where I would be without your class. Lost that’s for sure but I learned so much about myself in that room and how brave I could be. I wouldn’t even be in New York if it wasn’t for you.  I value you so much as a person, guru & friend. Thank YOU for the gift of being your fabulous self, I am grateful.” 

“I truly do love this class. I crave challenge as a person in general but especially as an actress, so the challenge of these scenes and really preparing for the character has been so beneficial to my acting and knowledge of acting.”

“First off, I have been LOVING your class. This class is by far the hardest and (most) challenging class I’ve taken. I met…outside of class (via zoom) to break down this week’s script and really find Easter eggs within the character…and it was the best breakdown of a scene I think I’ve ever done! I’m learning so much so thank you again for choosing me as the scholarship recipient! 

“Sara is an amazing acting coach and a terrific actress. If you are an up and coming star and need help getting your chops to the next level, or a filmmaker interested in having one of the most sought-after actresses on the planet on your production look no further”

“I just wanted to reach out once again and thank you for the scholarship. That class was amazing and I met some incredible new actors! I definitely needed all of those lessons in auditioning.”

“I loved the classes; I feel that they are helping explore dimensions and layers to character development as well as how to present my product in an audition.  Thank you so much for your dedication and wisdom!  Thank you, Sara, for the amazing classes and your guidance!”

“You are the best acting teacher I ever had 🙂

“I feel that this success is also your success! Without your help selecting the monologue and your coaching, I’m not sure what feedback I might have gotten, but your advice helped me keep my performance grounded when I went into the room. I don’t say it enough, but THANK YOU Sara!! So much of my growth is from what I’ve learned in your classes.”

“I just wanted to share some great news with you.  I just signed a contract with Universal.  I am so excited, but mostly I would like to thank you again for working with me on my monologue! I could not have delivered the performance I did had it not been for you! You really helped to bring out the best in me and I really appreciate that. I look forward to working with you again. You are a great coach!!”

“I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to be in your class.  I respect you and appreciate the time and dedication you put into bring lessons and material. Your patience and your love for us. This short time in class has taught me so much!

“I again wanted to thank you for all of your help.  Your ability to help me in this journey has been fantastic and encouraging.”

“I wanted to thank you for helping me grow my skills not only in class but also with my private lessons. You truly transformed my monologue and challenged me to be a better actress. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

“So, THANK YOU so much for all of your help since Jan. with my monologue and helping me develop that character! You seriously have grown me so much as an actress and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher!”

“I know you love what you do and want us to do our best, because you are a fabulous teacher.  Period.”

“What a wonderful group of talent on the playground last night. An abundance of fun, imagination and creativity, brought growth and experience to everyone. Of course, the playground is where we go to have fun and exercises. You gave that to all of us last night. What a great group of actors.

Thank you for a great night.”

“Thank YOU for being a wonderful, challenging, creative teacher!” 

“I just wanted to say that I think I’m what you would call an actor…I have booked an off-off Broadway show, 3 student films and I got a call back on a commercial…what?! Who knew everything I ever wanted was outside of my comfort zone. Your class was where I learned to be brave. I never knew how important that would be or mean to me now that I’m in actor real world. So, THANK YOU!”

“I’m really looking forward to making more breakthroughs with you!”

“Thanks for helping me channel my frustration into passion. It’s been revelatory.”

“It was such a wonderful class! I feel so privileged to be a part of it all. Thank you for always pushing us and making us better actors.”

“Thank you sooooo much for your AMAZING coaching!”

“Sara Gaston thank you! You are a huge part of the reason why I can say this in the first place! Thank you for all you’ve done to help teach/coach me!!

“I appreciate ALL your emails and YouTube videos. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. :)”

“Your class is a haven for me.”

“Thanks for checking in and for keeping everyone engaged and optimistic during this challenging time!!”

“You are always so generous with your knowledge and provide the best, most succinct tips for actors. You are much appreciated!”