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“Featuring a layered, absorbing performance by Sara Gaston as an upper-middle-class white mother named Grace, the play’s issues ring out with urgency.” –  Houston Chronicle – “The Johns” – Mildred’s Umbrella

Sara Gaston reprises one-woman show about Molly Ivins –  “Red Hot Patriot” – 2016 – sold out shows & standing ovations!

"Red Hot Patriot" 2016

“Red Hot Patriot” 2016

Sara Gaston damn near steals the show as the acerbic and quick witted Detective Waters”


Praise for Sara Gaston, currently starring in “Red Hot Patriot”


Sara Gaston is perfectly profound as Molly Ivins. She adeptly holds the audiences’ attention for the full hour she is on stage, and delivers each line immaculately. Quite possibly, the most impressive aspect of her performance is that no line feels rehearsed. Instead, Sara Gaston delivers the words of Molly Ivins from a personal and natural place, embracing the heart and joie de vivre of Ivins. Without a doubt, the audience easily forgets that Ivins is not on stage herself.
Moreover, Sara Gaston articulates an amazing emotional journey in her portrayal of Molly Ivins. As the show opens, each audience member feels that they personally are in an office with Ivins as she is writing her apology to her father, that she affectionately refers to as “The General.” Using this as a point of reference, almost like a narrative frame, Gaston’s Ivins is able to effortlessly discuss the highs and the lows of her life. Each personal and affecting anecdote is peppered with humor, which as Sara Gaston’s Ivins says, “when people laugh, they open up their ears and hear you.”

From the Houston Chronicle

I sat and listened to awesome actress Sara Gaston so vividly and honestly portray the Molly Ivins I had met that I got goosebumps often, not to mention laughing out loud often and, occasionally, wiping tears from my eyes.

Director Patti Bean lovingly guides her extraordinary actor…and simply gets out of the way and lets the magic of this amazing actress and this resplendent material happen and touch us profoundly and move us deep in our souls.