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For private coaching, see below:

Looking for an acting coach?   Need to tape an audition?

Need help finding a monologue?
….preparing for an upcoming audition?
… looking to sharpen your skills?
…learn more about the business?

My goal is to empower my students by combining my years of experience and training with my knowledge of the ‘business of the business’. I want you to have the skills necessary to develop yourself as an artist and know how to move forward with your personal career goals.


Page Parkes School

1130 Silber Rd #250
Houston, TX 77055
(just past the Fire Station and Brewingz)


Coaching:        $65/hr, $45/half hour

Basic Taping:  $65/hr, $45/half hour

Additional charges apply to tapings only:

-All videos are sent via Hightail

– additional uploads (i.e. Eco-Cast, your agent’s DropBox, etc.)  – $10 per video

-Taping rate includes 1 video

– extra videos (i.e. Slate, Take 1, a second audition, etc.) are an additional $5 per video

-Taping includes a copy sent to you and your agent/manager –

if you want your tape sent to additional parties, you can forward what I send you


Payable by check or cash

If you wish to use a credit card, please pay in advance

at  payable to:




Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from private lessons?
I shape private lessons to the skill level and interest of the student. If you wanted to do scene work & bring a friend, we would do that. If you needed to work on commercials or cold reading, we would do that. If you needed a monologue for an audition, we would do that. With most of my long-term students, we mix it up to keep all their skills sharp and keep it interesting.

Why should I have a private lesson versus a group class?
One-on-one meetings offer more personalized instruction & are tailored to your needs. Group classes offer the variety of interaction with other students.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule?
Please provide a 24-hour notice when cancelling or rescheduling. If you must cancel same day, please call, don’t e-mail or text. Same day cancellations are subject to a $45 charge.


Quotes from students:

“Unbelievably amazing. Sara Gaston is so wonderful as an instructor. I had a ton of breakthroughs. She really brought acting to life. I am forever grateful. So inspiring.”

“C wants to let you know that she just found out that she was accepted into the Academy at TUTS in all three disciplines of acting, singing and dancing. She is so excited and wants to thank you so very much for all your great help with her audition. You are the best!”

“I have loved working with you. It has really pushed me forward in an area I had given up on, or was too afraid to create again. You are a great teacher and have opened things up for me. “

Quotes from reviewers:

“Sara Gaston is perfectly profound…She articulates an amazing emotional journey.”

“Sara Gaston so vividly and honestly portrays the Molly Ivins I had met that I got goose bumps…extraordinary…amazing.”

“Sara Gaston damn near steals the show as the acerbic and quick witted Detective Waters”