Private coaching / Audition taping

“Where Passion Meets Mastery”

Do You Need help:

finding a monologue?

taping an audition?

preparing for an upcoming audition?

developing goals and a plan of action?

sharpening your acting or communication skills?

navigating the business of acting?

“Do you have a burning desire to find your next level as an actor but lack clarity on how to make that happen?  My goal is to empower my students by combining my years of experience and training with my knowledge of the ‘business of the business’.  I want you to have the skills necessary to develop yourself as an artist and to know how to move forward with your personal career goals.  My commitment for all my students is that they gain the tools needed to fully express their gifts.”

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all lessons are currently held via Zoom.  You will get a Zoom link & password once you have paid for your lesson (at least 4 hours prior to scheduled time).  Tapings are done in person.

TAPING:  $85/hour, $50/ 30 minutes – includes filming, coaching, editing & rendering clips

  • All videos are sent via Hightail or Dropbox to you – please download to your computer upon receiving
  • File reduction request after file is rendered: $25/video
  • FOR ALL TAPINGS:  bring 2 copies of the script and a printed copy of all taping/slate instructions
  • – LOCATION:  Page Parkes, 7155 Old Katy Rd Suite 100, Houston, TX 77024 (park in the back, go through those doors, it’s the first suite on the right)

COACHING/PRIVATE LESSON:        $65/ hour, $45/30 minutes – session must be prepaid 24 hours before appointment time (I can also coach you and be your reader via Zoom if you want to tape at home)

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION:  If you have studied with me weekly for 3+ months, I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for you free of charge.  However, if the letter then needs to be uploaded to various portals, there is a $30 flat fee 

VIDEO REVIEW:  $15 – I will review your demo reel, home audition tape, media clip, etc. and send you a video giving my feedback.  This is perfect if you just want a brief critique and suggestions for improvement (if any is needed 🙂

MONOLOGUES Two options are available for monologue selection:

  1. Book a 1 hour coaching session and I will bring several selections from my collection and we will decide on selections together, as well as make any necessary cuts.
  2. Alternatively, you can request a specific monologue type (dramatic, classic, comic, etc.) & length, and I will do the research, select, cut and send you a scanned copy.  Rate is $25 per monologue selection.

Payment Options:



Address (currently for tapings only): Page Parkes, 7155 Old Katy Rd Suite 100, Houston, TX 77024 (park in the back, go through those doors, it’s the first suite on the right)

What if I have to cancel or reschedule?  Please provide a 24-hour notice when cancelling or rescheduling.  If you must cancel same day, please call me directly at 713.443.3532, don’t e-mail or text.  Same day cancellations are subject to charge of $45

What can I expect from a private lesson?  I shape private lessons based on the skill level and interest of the student.  I can mentor you and help you create a plan to reach an upcoming goal.  I can consult with you about navigating the business. I can help you find a monologue, practice cold reading, work on improv skills, analyze a script,  or help you do scene work with a friend – whatever you need to develop your skills and be prepared when opportunity knocks.

What results can I expect?  Students & clients of mine have booked parts in commercials, films and television; booked stage roles (including the Alley); are routinely accepted into talent agencies; and have been accepted into acting programs locally (the Alley, TUTS), in New York, in L.A., and at the university level.

“Where Passion meets Mastery”